How To Talk Dirty To Your Boyfriend

7 Sinful Secrets Show You How To Talk Dirty To Your Boyfriend

FROM: Your Boyfriend
TO: You

Hi My Love…

I have a feeling somethings on your mind. You are thinking “how should I talk dirty to my boyfriend” but aren’t comfortable bringing it up to me.

I know it may be a lil intimidating but I’m here…now…and help you break the ice and show you how to talk dirty to a guy.

I know you’re a kinky little girl with all sorts of fantasies festering inside. Its obvious that you’re just dying to let them out. But somethings holding you back from expressing that side to me.

Its too bad though…cause thats the hottest thing you can to for your boyfriend.

I want you to know that not only will I accept your hot & nasty sexual side…but it will turn me on more then you’ve ever seen me before.

I’m writing this blog for you. I’m pulling together the best sex coaches in the world.

I’m asking them to let me show you how to unleash the sexual animal inside as well as easy role-play scenarios to show you exactly how to talk dirty to your boyfriend.

But I’ll tell you more about that later.

Keep Reading This Blog and I’ll show you more and more every day new ways on “how to talk dirty” (at least for now until you are comfortable going deeper)

lol I have a lot of writing to do too ;-P

But for now…Check out this book I read recently. It has 500 Dirty Love Making Tips to get you started. (Hint: This is just the beginning ;-P)

Learn 500 Dirty Techniques Right Now. Can’t wait for our “discussion” hehe 😉

Your Boyfriend

PS. Since Your Boyfriend Needs To Read This (and I am your boyfriend lol) I just finished reading.

It was awesome and I can’t wait to show you what I learned! hehe

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